Washing can be considered as one of the most crucial stages in the garment manufacturing process as it can effect the overall style and remove any unwanted chemicals and left over dye from the process. There are also specific or required ways of washing each type of garment that must undergo it's own specific process of washing. For example, wedding dresses cannot simply be washed in a machine as each dress is different and has delicate parts that may be destroyed if not handled with care.

We have implemented a complete cleaning service, which includes

• Full Dry Cleaning Process
• Spot Cleans (oil patches etc)
• Standard Washing

and many other means of abolishing dirt and stains.

This department is controlled and monitored by staff with the recognised qualifications and training of this particular industry.

To compliment our cleaning department, we also offer dye treatments and dye fixing facilities and fabric testing such as:-

• Enzyme wash (for different finishes)
• Over Dying
• Dip Dye
• Stone Washing

Being such a key part of the manufacturing process, we treat every garment with meticulous care to ensure our customers are happy to put these garments in stores and sell to their customers.

Please contact Fashion General today to discuss your washing needs.