Fashion General can take a finished garment and re-style to your needs. We can perform this re-styling / re-working on any type of garment, including trousers, shorts, tshirts, blouses, skirts, dresses etc… adding colour

With our highly experienced staff, we will listen to our clients and strive to achieve all that is required. Whether it is to add to an existing design or completely revamp a garment, Fashion General can provide the services to do so.

From something as little as slashing of the knee and straightening the length of a dress, to a complete rework of the garment.. We do it all!

We also undertake work such as label changing, button sewing, button holes, double stitching, and have all the necessary machinery to offer you all these services and more.

Whether Fashion General produced the garment initially or not, we can accommodate your re-styling requests.

Please contact Fashion General today to discuss your needs.