Pressing is when heat and pressure is applied to an item in order to help achieve the correct shape. There are different pressing processes, all of which contribute to their desired effect and is an important finishing process that we take pride in.

We go through a vigorous pressing process to ensure the quality of items we provide are of a high grade and standard.

Our state of the art equipments allows us to work with garments of any shape and size and are happy to take on large orders.

We have a few pressing options available determined by the finished effect you the client is after.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and we will accommodate your needs.

Tunnel Steamer
This is used for general cleaning. Being able to adjust steam, heat and time/speed, means we can run a number of garments through the Tunnel Steamer and produce high quality results quickly.

Hand Press
As the title explains, this pressing process is done by hand and so is a manual process that gives us full control over fine detail, rectifying issues including roping and more importantly we can offer pressing services for specific fabric including the most delicate.

Hoffman Press
Investing in one of the industries leading pressing machines means we can offer specialist pressing services that are very specific to your needs. We are proud to be able to offer a service that covers all your needs.